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Embassy of Jordan Military Office
     Embassy of Jordan Military Office
     3504 International Drive, NW, Washington, DC 20008 USA
     Phone: 202-966-1009 | Fax: 202-363-0196

Jordan Military, Naval, and Air Attaché


Brigadier General Ziad Hamdi Majali was commissioned as a 2nd LT. of the Royal Air Force/Air Defense in 1976, since his commissioning Brigadier General Majali has served in a variety of commands and staff assignments in the Jordan Armed Forces. He has served as Platoon Commander and a Air Defense Unit Commander, S3 at the Central Air Defense Group, evaluation team chief, Air Defense Branch, chief instructor at the Air Defense School, he later became the Training and Operations Branch Chief at the Air Defense Directorate, Brigadier Majali then, commanded the 2nd Air Defense Group and became the Protocol Director of the Royal Jordanian Air Force HQ then, he commanded the Central Air Defense Group and he served as the Director of the Administration and Manpower at the Royal Jordanian Air Force HQ, then he moved to the Army and Served as the Procurement Director then, as the Military Consumer Establishment (MCE) directorate from 2005-2007.

Brigadier General Ziad Hamdi Majali is a graduate from the Royal Military Academy in Jordan. He also earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Military Sciences from Mu’taa University in Jordan, a Master Degree of Military and Management Science from Nasir Academy in Egypt. BG Majali’s Military Education includes all the specialized Air Defense Courses in Jordan and basic, advance Hawk staff courses in the USA; he also attended the (CGSC) Command and General Staff Courses in Leavenworth, Kansas and the (DRMC) Defense Resource Management Course at Monterey, California (USN). The General has been awarded the following Medals and Awards; 1) Medal of Training Competence, 2) Medal of Loyal Service, 3) Medal of Leadership Competence, 4) Decoration of Independence, 5) Decoration of Military Merit, 6) Decoration of Silver Jubilee, and 7) Decoration of GLORIASS.

Brigadier General Majali is married and has three sons and two daughters. He enjoys reading, soccer, swimming, and traveling. 

Jordan Armed Forces

Jordan Royal Army FlagROYAL ARMY FORCE

The mission of Jordan's Armed Forces is to defend and maintain the sovereignty, security, and stability of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan against any external or internal threat. The Army Computer Directorate (ACD) is the main technical and maintenance support facility in the Jordanian army for computer technology. It was founded due to the increasing need for such support, so as to meet the new challenging technologies implemented throughout the command and land units.

Royal Army ForceThe Royal Supply and Transport Branch (RST) has the responsibility of providing Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) with requirements of food rations, fuel, oil and fire extinguishing equipment, in addition to that, general transport services for JAF. Due to the importance of such duties and their influence on forces at war and peace. RST does it's best to reach the highest level of performance through improving the efficiency and capability of units in carrying out their duties. The mission of the Military Media Branch is to provide the military with facts, news and information through various available mass media in away that help them direct and unite their thought, preserve their morale and security.

Jordan Royal Air Force FlagROYAL AIR FORCE

A country without a strong air force is at the mercy of the enemy. Air power has come to play a dominant role in the military and political strategy of modern nations. Men of vision and foresight, like the kingdom's founding father late King Abdullah, has set the goal to have a unique and a highly skilled air force. The RJAF of today is the living tribute to King Abdullah who made a humble but a determined start in 1948 and the determination of late King Hussein, the architect who has guided its growth and destiny up to its current status as a highly qualified force.

Royal Air ForceOur Air Force is small but effective and efficient. An effective Air Force can not be built over- night. It was more difficult in our case because of political, technological and economic constraints. The RJAF since its inception had to strive hard to develop into a modern and effective Air Force. We are so proud of our Air Force which has been fully supported by his Majesty late King Hussein, who has a great love for flying and fliers. Presently, King Abdullah gives a special care and support to the RJAF by the means of upgrading the planes and equipment to meet the requirement and challenges brought on by the 21st century, and to be fully capable of carrying the Kingdom message of with holding a lasting peace in the region.

It must be pointed out that His Majesty is not new to the RJAF, H.M. joined the Air Force in a flying training course in No.10 Fighter Attack Helicopter Squadron on the 2nd of November 1986 where he got his flying wing. The RJAF today is well trained, highly skilled and determined one. It plays a key role in the defense of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Through its existence, the RJAF has set an example to the forces in the Middle East region. It has demonstrated its professionalism and high standard in many occasions. This website is presenting the RJAF history, developments, front line and transport aircraft which their role in protecting and securing our national defense is with no doubt vital.

Jordan Royal Naval EnsignROYAL NAVAL FORCE

Royal Naval ForceThe Royal Naval Force was established in 1951 as the Royal Coast Guard. It was established here in Aqaba. Its size was about that of an infantry company. In 1952, the Coast Guard Headquarters was moved to the Dead Sea area and remained there until 1967.

In 1974, The Coast Guard was provided with four medium patrol boats (Bertram Class) and with equipment for the divers and frogmen. In 1991, the Coast Guard was provided with three heavy patrol boats (Hawk Class). On 13 November 1991 the Royal Coast Guard was renamed as the Royal Naval Force.


Royal Civil Defense ForceThe Jordanian Civil Defense (hereinafter referred to as GDCD) is the formal and regular body authorized to protect citizens’ souls and properties against potential dangers through self-prevention and protection actions, and handling daily accidents occur all over Jordan regions within the Supreme Council of Civil Defiance for encountering public emergencies and natural disasters.


The Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (RJGC) was established in 1975 and is considered to be one of the first Arab institutes specialized in field of survey, land and aerial survey. Its primary responsibility is to satisfy the kingdom's needs in this field and to provide such services to Arab countries without similar institutions.

Royal Jordanian Geographic CenterThe center has undertaken the responsibility of training personnel in survey sciences and map production since it was established. This has been achieved through the out-of-Kingdom training, and the center's College for Survey Sciences. The training in this technical collage is not limited to Jordanians but many students from other Arab Countries have been trained in this collage as well. All of the survey jobs and the different stages the map goes through until it is ready to be published are performed by Jordanian hands with highly qualified and well-trained specialists.

  Jordan Supreme Commander


King Abdullah IIArms of the King of JordanField Marshall King Abdullah II is the supreme commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces. His Majesty has held various positions, among them Commander of the Royal Jordanian Special Forces and Special Operations Commander. From January 1989 until October 1989 King Abdullah II was the 2nd Company Commander in the 17th Tank Battalion, and from October 1989 until January 1991 he was 2nd in Command of the 17th Tank Battalion, during which time, in 1990, he attended the Royal Staff College in Camberley in the United Kingdom. He was then promoted to the rank of Major. From January 1991 until January 1992 he was Armored Corps Representative in the Office of the Inspector General of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

King Abdullah became Battalion Commander of the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment in January 1992. In 1993, he was in the 40th Brigade with the rank of Colonel, and was made Deputy Commander of the Jordanian Special Forces. In 1994, he was made Commander of Special Forces with the rank of Brigadier and in 1996 he reorganized the Special Forces and other Elite Units into the Special Operations Command. King Abdullah was promoted to Major-General in 1998, and in June / July of the same year attended a defense courses at Monterey Naval Post Graduate School in the Untied States.